Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst


Hi! Welcome to my blog! I am Debra and the voice behind Real.Life.Now. I realized part way into my life’s journey that there had to be more than I was experiencing. I had a good life. I was happy, I loved and was loved by my husband, family and friends. I had a good relationship with God and I lived for Him. In a nutshell, I was livin’ the good life but I wanted it to be more than good, I wanted it to be amazing. You may be in this same place, if so join me on my journey to discover how to live Real.Life.Now.

What I write about:

  • I write about REAL things that keep us from being all God intended us to be. I love truth and how it sets us free.
  • I write about daily LIFE and share thoughts and truths I discover as I go.
  • I write about NOW, the present time, inspiring and encouraging my readers to enjoy each and every day.

Who I am:

  • I am a wife to my incredible husband of 20+ years.
  • I am a mom to three wonderful daughters who bring me much joy and amazement
  • I work part time and stand beside my husband in his business.
  • I love to make anything and everything around me beautiful.
  • I was born to encourage and inspire others to be all they were created to be.
  • I love life, laughter, and people, especially ‘real’ ones.

My intentions for this blog:

I hope to stir up within you a desire to fully wake up and discover who you are, who God created you to be. Loving and valuing yourself is so underrated yet it is crucial to loving and serving others. I aim to expose lies that religion and people have put on you so you can live life to the fullest. One of my heart’s desires is to encourage unity within the Body of Christ. I don’t know what that might entail at this time but I know Who does. We are all on a journey…we all have hopes and dreams…we all have destiny. Join me in discovering Real.Life.Now by subscribing to my blog on the right side of this page. I’d love to journey with you!

**To learn a little more about my journey and the start of this blog you can read  “Why Do I Even Have this Blog???”

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