Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

Why Do I Even Have this Blog???

I am taking part in an intentional blogging challenge and am being stretched in every way possible. The following piece is a writing assignment I had to do and submit to the other bloggers (over 1000 of them!!). I wanted to share it here on my blog so you can understand why I am even trying to start up a blogging site called Real.Life.Now.

I have taken a few days break from the blogging challenge but there’s been no reprieve from thinking about it or mentally rehearsing blogs and new about pages (that page on your website that describes who you are). I am honestly really stirred up by this challenge and feel like there is a war going on between myself and my blog. My blog is screaming out to be real and vulnerable and my ‘self’ is trying to continue to pretend I have it all together and can write and lead from this place of having accomplished Real.Life.Now. But that’s just not true. I struggle daily wondering why I get so stuck on the issues of day-to-day life and so easily lose focus on what really matters, which to me is knowing God, being His ambassador, and establishing His Kingdom here on the earth.

In 2005 I set out on a journey of which I am still on. I have been a Christian practically my whole life because I was raised in a home with God-fearing parents who really lived and modeled a Christ centered existence. I knew God and I knew the Bible. I was really good at all the Church stuff, meaning I had practically perfect church attendance, I tithed, led Bible Studies, mentored young women, coordinated this and organized that… but inside I was dissatisfied, I was empty and something in me was crying out for more. At times I remember wondering if I was even saved. What was wrong and what was I missing?

God began to leave me clues by making my heart very tender towards two things. The first was I began to crave to really understand what it means to be created in the image of God. I felt there was so much more to that than what I knew or what I was being taught. If God was so amazing, supernatural, and indescribable, then why wasn’t I? Why did I feel like a robot just trained to do and say the right thing? What DOES God really intend for me since I bear His image? The second thing that was being highlighted to me was a verse from Romans 8 which talks about creation eagerly awaiting the revealing of the sons of God. I honestly thought I was weird for loving this verse and for the strong desire I had to find out what God had in it for me. What I didn’t understand then, but I do now, is that God was at work in me to stir up a hunger to search out these things so they could be manifested in my life and in turn shared with others.

That brings me to the present and the reason for which I have this blog entitled Real.Life.Now. Originally I thought God would take me on this journey, give me the answers for which I was searching and then let me blog and share them, but that is not the case. We are a body and we do things together… SO, I guess now it’s time for us to figure out what it means to be God’s “image bearers” and to relieve creation from the burden of wondering and waiting for us to be revealed. It’s time, it really is. You are much more than you think.

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