Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

Who’s Watching?

Phil Cooke, co-founder of Cooke Pictures, explained that Christians get “distracted” from the real call because so much time is spent “freaking out over not being able to say a prayer at the start of a high school football game, or upset at Hollywood, the gay community, or others, that we forget that our job is to reach the world, not complain.”  Do we realize how much people are watching us?  Or not?

Are we reaching the world as Cooke points out?  Our mandate is to go into all the world and share the gospel, to exemplify a life filled with the Spirit of the Living God.  Recently  some real yuck came to the surface in my own life.  My older two daughters play high school water polo and I love to go and watch them play.  Usually I am composed and for the most part yell encouraging comments to the girls as they play.  This was not the case at a game a few weeks ago.  I was sitting next to a man who was yelling at the referees and was very unsatisfied with every call that they made.  I am so embarrassed to admit this but I began to do the very same thing!  I was yelling so much that my throat hurt.  Everything those poor refs did made me mad!  By the 3rd quarter the coach’s wife looked at me and said, “Debra, this is so unlike you.”  That is all it took for me to see how awfully I was representing the Kingdom of God.  I had lost focus and had succumbed to stepping down to a lower standard.   I remained very quiet for the rest of the game and eventually apologized to the coach’s wife and thanked her for being so honest with me.

It doesn’t take much sometimes to get distracted and to lose focus of our real mission in life.  The good thing is genuine repentance allows us to get right back to where we should be, influencing those around us with the love, joy and peace of the Kingdom of God.  If they don’t see it in us, how will they know?

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