Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

Perfect… Really?

While getting my hair done yesterday my stylist, Diana and I got on the topic of perfection.  She and I were talking about how easy it is to want to have everything around us perfect and in order.  I have gone through seasons of my life where I would be happy only if my house was clean, or I was at the ‘ideal’ weight, or if my yard was just so.  I hope you get the picture.  I was content when things, including myself, were perfect.  As you can probably guess, the times were few and far between when I would be happy because life was just not meant to be perfect… neither are we.

At one point in our conversation Diana mentioned some insight the Lord had given her friend.  He had asked her to picture a field of grass.  As she pictured this He spoke to her and pointed out that the grass is not perfect.  It is not meant to be perfect.  Yet it is beautiful and purposeful.  I can’t remember exactly what else was said, but picturing this field was enough to make me realize that it would be good for me to relax a bit and look at things from a higher perspective.  If we would look down upon our lives like we look down at a field of grass, we would realize that it really does look beautiful even though it is not perfect.

Take a moment and do this.  Picture a field of grass and then picture yourself looking down on your life from a higher perspective.  What areas in your life do you strive towards perfection?  Is it keeping you from seeing how beautiful life really is?  It may very well be keeping you from seeing that you are perfectly beautiful.

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