Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

One Life to Live

I often hear people say that real everyday life gets in the way of the spiritual life they want to live.  They describe moments of deep intimacy with God but then that dissipates because the dishes have to be done, a child needs attention, the laundry has to be folded, a neighbor stops by to talk.., etc.  You get the point.  Life will always be full of interruptions but that doesn’t mean we move from operating out of the spiritual realm and into the natural/physical realm.  This type of thinking stems from Greek philosophy and goes against how God created us to exist.

When we begin to classify things we do as being spiritual and non spiritual, we fall quite easily into thinking the spiritual things we do are good and the things we must do in the natural/physical world are then lesser or even bad.  This is wrong and leads us down a dangerous road that is bumpy and tosses us back and forth between two worlds that were meant to be one.  In Hebrew culture they did not divide their spiritual life from their physical life.  There was only one world that God created, not two as many think today: the physical world and spiritual world.  In the Old Testament and in Hebrew culture they saw God intervene and exist in the visible and invisible realms.   Differentiating between the two came with the Greek mindset and was then exposed to the new Christians who interpreted the Scriptures and was then taught to the new converts.

For most of my life I had this type of dualistic mindset.  I viewed my time spent with God, whether I was worshiping, reading the Bible, or serving Him, as spiritual and worthwhile.  But I then saw my daily life activities of being a mom, keeping my home, going to all my kids’ sporting events, etc., as UN-spiritual and less than.  I became quite unhappy and inner-focused as I viewed my life through these lenses.  I even believed God was unhappy with me and my choices.  This is so wrong and this line of thought does not come from God, it is from the pit of hell.  You see if we separate what God created to be one, we open doors of condemnation and shame, missing out on the Divine intervention we were created to walk with.  He is in everything!

The truth is He delights in you as you go about your daily activities.  He is with you and will interact with you regardless of your whereabouts.  You can be at the gym, at the grocery store, at church, or at a Bible study and God may deem this as a perfect opportunity to intervene in your life and reveal Himself.  I was mopping my floor one day and God poured out His presence on me and let me know how much He loved me taking care of my home.  My laundry room is a sanctuary of God’s presence since I spend so much time there meeting the clothing needs of my family.  He meets me where I am at.  I do not have to forsake the everyday things of life and seclude myself in my prayer closet or attend 5 church services a week in order to know Him and be known by Him.  He rewards those who seek Him and delights in us as we seek Him with all of our hearts in every part of our lives.  There is no place we can go to escape His presence.  He is everywhere.

Take a moment and evaluate how you view your life.  Do you separate and list things as being spiritual and nonspiritual.  If you do, I challenge you to put away wrong thinking and pursue truth, God is in you and with you 24/7.  He longs to be your everything.  Acknowledge God in every part of your life and you will experience new found freedom leading you into Real. Life. Now. 

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