Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

No More Negatives!!!

One huge factor that can keep us from Real. Life. Now. is an atmosphere that is negative.  Negative atmospheres result from a lot of things.  The one that I am learning about in my own life right now is negative thoughts.  These negative thoughts can be about myself, another person or even a group of people.  They can be about a situation, a future event or happening or even something from the past.  I am learning that when I think and dwell on the negative, I begin to feel awful physically and emotionally plus my view of the future can begin to look pretty bleak.  This is just no fun at all.

What I really have noticed is that when I have negative thoughts going through my mind they begin to stockpile.  More and more seem to come my way until I am bombarded with them.  In no time at all my blessed life is not blessed and I am feeling hopeless, unloved and yucky .  This happens because of a universal truth called the Law of Attraction.  This law basically means, “like attracts like.”  So negative thoughts attract negative thoughts but positive thoughts will attract positive thoughts.

Last week I became aware of the negative atmosphere I was living under.  I am naturally a very positive person and can always find the good in things so I was frustrated by the constant trying to fight off negative thoughts.  I was tired of having to work so hard to stay positive.  Romans 12:14 says to “bless those that persecute you, don’t curse them, pray that God will bless them.”  I figured the easiest way to begin to ward off the negative would be to pronounce blessing upon any person or situation that came to mind.  (I know the verse is talking about people but I just figured that other things in life could be blessed too.)   And amazing things happened.  I experienced an amazing freedom!  Within days I was sensing an empowerment that can only come from a positively charged atmosphere.  If a negative thought about a person would light upon my mind I would immediately bless that person in any way I could think of.  I would bless their home life, their job, their marriage, their family, their spiritual walk.  I would bless anything and everything!  Once I got on a roll of doing this it became easier and easier.   And my life became blessed once again.

I believe I will continue to learn more and more about this but I wanted to share with you this little secret to experiencing real life now.  Since this truth is a universal law, not just something I thought up, it will work for you too.  So I bless you.  Take a moment to receive this blessing I am giving you right now.  I bless you with peace. I bless your thought life.  I bless your sleep tonight.  I bless your health.  I bless you with the ability to speak blessings on your life and live it to the fullest so you can enjoy Real. Life. Now.

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