Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

Be-witched or Be Blessed

Last week I wrote a blog showing how negative thinking can keep us from Real. Life. Now.  Today I want to expose a more specific line of thought that can hinder us as well.  I would like to ask if you have ever had moments or days where you are inundated with negative thoughts about a particular person or situation?  It doesn’t matter if the thoughts are true or not, that’s irrelevant.  You might find yourself rehearsing conversations in your mind with people who have hurt you or offended you or your imagination takes over and you prepare yourself for something that may never even happen.  You might even think you are the ONLY one who struggles with this.  I want to assure you that you are not alone at all.

As a kid I used to watch cartoons and sometimes there would be scenes of witches brewing spells to cast on their victims.  It was quite innocently portrayed but I remember these spells would greatly affect the mind and thoughts of the victim.  They would begin to think thoughts that were not their own.  I believe this is what happens to us when the swirl of tumultuous thoughts bombard our minds.  We become bewitched and fall prey to this subtle form of witchcraft that consumes our minds with negative thoughts, fear, confusion, suspicion, etc.   Often we get hit with shame and condemnation because we cannot seem to shake ourselves free of the all consuming negative thinking.  It is a vicious cycle.  But I am here to tell you that it is not you and there is something you can do to break free of this cycle.

The good news is this, what we can identify we can overcome.  So if we identify the chaos of thoughts and realize we have come under an attack we can apply the right tools to get rid of them.  As I wrote in my previous blog, “No More Negatives”, a powerful way to negate these thoughts is to bless the person or situation with good and powerful words of blessing.  Identify the situation and come against it with blessing.  Too often we fall in even deeper when we try to analyze and figure out which thoughts are even true.  We just need to put a stop to the thoughts and pronounce the blessing.  If there is witchcraft involved you will know because you will not want to bless the person, but in order to overcome the negative thinking you must.  It may be hard at first but it will get easier and easier every time you do it.

Now this past week as I applied this understanding to other situations I found it worked every time.  One of the greatest things I love about this is that it does not glorify the enemy one bit.  It empowers you and dis-empowers him!  You end up reaping what you sow, so if you sow blessing you will reap blessing.  Take a moment to think about your own life.  Have you in the past or are you currently experiencing this kind of negative thinking?  I encourage you to apply blessing and be set free from all that is bewitching you.  It is not you, it is the enemy’s attempt to destroy you and bring division.  Rise up, speak blessings and be set free.  Free to be you and free to enjoy Real. Life. Now.

So I ask you this question:  Would you like to be-witched or be blessed!  The choice is yours.

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