Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

What IF???

What if we were to greet each other with, “Who are you?”, instead of “How are you?”  This just crossed my mind so I thought I would think through it with you.  Immediately I looked inward and realized how difficult of a question this would be for myself and think it would be for you too.   We usually casually answer, “I’m fine.” because that is the acceptable answer and also the easy answer.  Now if we were to have to answer my question posed above our conversations would definitely move to a deeper level and quite possibly a much more meaningful one.

Think about it for a minute…  Picture yourself in a conversation with the sales person at your local grocery store (This is a place where we usually ask the “How are you?” question).  What would you answer?  Who are you REALLY?  Are you who everyone thinks you are?  Are you really being you?

I want to encourage you to ponder this question.  There is only ONE who really knows who you really are.  And that is God.  He created you, He loves you, He knows your thoughts and giftings.  He knows everything about you.  He even created you to have a relationship with Him and through this relationship He desires to show you who you really are, who He created you to be.  He has put awesome things inside you and only through pursuing a relationship with Him can you find out who you really are.  It is a journey, one God is excited to embark on with you.  You will be surprised at how awesome you really are when you begin to see who you are in His eyes.

Simply start by asking God this question:

God, you made me.  Who am I ?

Then sit back and listen.  He will answer and He will reveal great things to you because He loves you and loved creating you to be just ‘you’.

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