Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

Why Do I Even Have this Blog???

I am taking part in an intentional blogging challenge and am being stretched in every way possible. The following piece is a writing assignment I had to do and submit to the other bloggers (over 1000 of them!!). I wanted to share it here on my blog so you can understand why I am even […]

Ahhh… Now I Get it! “I Matter!!”

I have come to realize my last blog post missed the mark I was going after. In it I exhorted all of you to know that you are needed and that you matter. But what was missing was the vulnerability factor. You see, for years I have been able to see how much all of […]

You Matter

One of the biggest hindrances keeping us from living Real Life Now is the mindset that we don’t have anything to bring to the table, that there are enough people out there getting things done. In a nutshell we believe we really don’t matter. This is one of the biggest lies that is keeping the […]

Uniquely You

This morning as I was journaling I was thanking God that He ‘made’ us.  As soon as I typed the word ‘made’, I erased it and wrote ‘create’ in its place.  ‘Made’ seemed much too plain of a word to describe the amazing work God has done in forming us and this earth. defines […]

The Wonder of Being a Woman

I am so thankful to be living in a time in which honor and value are being restored to women.  An amazing poem was read in a sermon I just finished listening to from Bethel Church.  The poem was written by Christiana Moss and was read by Kathy Vallotton on Mother’s Day, 2013.  It is […]

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