Real .. Life .. Now

with Debra Hogervorst

Moments Really Matter

This week our family had a friend stay with us who modeled to me how to live and enjoy the present. At dinner he took a little extra time to light a few candles at the table and our food was put in just the right dish arranged in an appealing way. It made a normal moment special and festive. Dinner that night lingered a bit longer than usual because the moment seemed valuable and worth hanging on to.

Photo credits to Kevyn Bashore

Photo credits to Kevyn Bashore

One of the days we visited La Jolla, a beautiful community on the beach. We took our time exploring the amazing and unusual rock formations at the beach, walked through a few art exhibits, stopped for Haagen-Dazs Ice-cream and later chatted enjoying a glass of wine at a wine bar. We engaged in conversation with the employees and other people around us. Time seemed to stand still as I pondered the relevance of being in tune with the present moment. I knew God was highlighting something that He really wanted me to grasp.

Photo credits to Kevyn Bashore

Photo credits to Kevyn Bashore

Photo credits to Kevyn Bashore

Photo credits to Kevyn Bashore

The present is all we have and it is meant to be appreciated. A realization was waking up within me that in my zeal to accomplish much in life I was missing out on beautiful moments that would make life so much more enjoyable. I’ve always believed in the importance of taking the time to smell the flowers but I don’t think I practiced it except occasionally.

How about you? Are you as hurried and future focused as I have been? Take a moment and come up with one way to enhance the present and then enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work or take up much time. Intentionally smile at the grocery clerk, light a candle at the dinner table, smell the cup of coffee you are enjoying and relish the moment, spend an extra moment watching the sunset. Take a deep breath and focus on the present moment, you may be surprised at what comes to mind.

Time flies but moments can linger if we want them to. Real.Life.Now is possible but I guess it’s up to us to choose it.

Enjoy your day!! Comment below and share your memorable moments…



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  • Rachel Aslam

    I just found your blog. Reminds me of earlier today Me and my son Simon were sitting on the kitchen floor lighting and blowing out a candle ( about 20 times) . It was a special moment. Or when my older son Ethan wanted me to sit next to him in his car seat. When we arrived at the restaurant he would not leave outside the car until I got in the back of our SUV. to sit next to him. So as my husband was waiting for me across the street I get in the back of the SUV next to Ethan and just hung out a couple minutes. The frown on his face changed to a beaming smile. Than he was okay to get outside the car. This kind of reminds me of how we are with our creator. We just need to feel him next to us to take that next step.

  • Debra Hogervorst

    Thank you so much for sharing Rachel. You are so right. Sometimes things we think are little mean a whole lot to others, especially children. 🙂

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