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Can’t Beat the Real Thing

coca cola.thumbnailCoca-Cola penned this logo in 1991 when they returned to their classic recipe which they had used since its origination in 1886. For a time, a very short time, they thought they would be better off leaving behind their original, REAL formula and altering it, but this sudden veer of direction ended up costing them greatly and resulted in a quick switch back to the REAL thing for fear of consumers switching over to their competitor, Pepsi.

As a side note, Coca-Cola has used the word ‘real’ in their slogans 6 times in the past century. I think they realize that people hunger for the real. They understand that if people will link their brand to the word real, then one might assume all other brands to be copies or ‘posers.’ Pretty genius I think. Listed here are their slogans referencing the word real:

  • 1969 – It’s the real thing.
  • 1974 – Look for the real things.
  • 1985 – America’s Real Choice.
  • 1991 – Can’t Beat the Real Thing. (for Coca-Cola Classic)
  • 2003 – Real.
  • 2005 – Make It Real.

I don’t think Coca Cola is the only one to have altered their formula. I think we all do it on our search to discover who we really are. I know I have veered directions a few times, actually quite a few times, trying figure what works, what people will like, what will make me happy and feel valuable, etc. The original formula for each one of us can only be found in knowing God because He holds the very blueprint of our existence. I just love this quote:

The creator determines the identity of the created. ~ Jonathan Welton

Your true identity is known by your awesome Creator who longs to reveal to you all He made you to be. Take a moment, quiet yourself and listen… He knows just what you need to hear.

You are amazing. You are valuable to Me. You are everything I dreamed you to be. I have great plans for you. I want to do life with you. You are so special to me…and I completely love you. ~ God

Take the time to write down what He says about you. It will keep you from veering from your original design. God’s original formula for each one of us is the best one. I am so excited for the journey you have before you and encourage you to be YOU!

What are some things that have caused you to stray from your original formula? If you’d like to comment below I would love to hear your responses…

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